Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Filipina teenager Anatalia Villaranda an artist unafraid to express herself.

She keeps on beating the judges with his wonderful voice and personal singing style unafraid to express herself through singing  until the two judges presses their button simultaneously followed quickly by the other two.

We are talking about Anatalia Villaranda's The Voice 2017 blind audition held last February, she comes from a Filipino family who were in full support of her and the judges notices their numbers and how proud they are for Anatalia, her brother who keep hugging Anatalia who was jokingly warned not to inflict injuries on her by one of the judges who wants Anatalia for his team, the brother replied "I'm sorry, I'm just so proud" it was a heart melting and truthful response coming from a loving brother.

Anatalia began pursuing music and singing at the age of 10, where she impressed audiences  and judges at talent shows across Southern California. At age 11 she joined an R&B/Pop ground 5LP short for "Five Little Princesses" their biggest gig is for Nickelodeon summer mall tours after touring, they're about to sign a record deal, but the group break up and she is now pursuing her dream as a solo artist.

Footage via The Voice

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