Monday, April 24, 2017

He wanted to date this cute lady, but he doesn't know how, So he asked Siri. What happen next? The Best!

Unsuspecting cute girls and boys got the surprise of their life as they were called by the iPhone's virtual personal assistant called "Siri", prankster and trickster Stuart Edge asks Siri to help him ask out the girl sitting beside him and of course she hear him say that and it's all nice and cute.  Of course "Siri" doesn't have a solution for that complex human socialization process, however, to their surprise and the best part "Siri" offers to call the "Cute girl beside him", and their phones actually ring!

This very unique approach to flirting really caught their attention and lands him a few dates in the process.  A reminder that when every attempt to score a date fails, put creativity to the next level.

So how he do it? YouTube commenters Michael62895Tech explains: "Actually, they had another friend ask the boy/girl if they can use their phone, then they would call the other friend’s number that is doing the prank, so they can get the number, then, they set the number in the contacts as “pretty girl next to me/ pretty boy next to me” so siri can call."

Source: Stuart Edge

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