Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's impossible for her to get up the stairs, then the man pushes a button on the wall

Today's handicap accessible facility specifically building facade stairs have some obvious the problem, people bound to a wheelchair had difficulty getting in and out of a building because of it's very stiff ramp or the ramp is too long, another one is admitted or not the ramp is kind of an eyesore on the building facade, lastly the inherited problem of the building's old-world architecture.

A company from the United Kingdom called Allgood Trio have a solution to this problem and they call it the "Sesame stairs", Instead of ramps being built, they made the stairs collapse into themselves and then a safe platform is revealed which is like riding an elevator.

The solution preserves the original architecture facade while providing a modern day convenience to the disabled that has trouble with the current handicap accessible facility.

Source: Bill Walters

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