Friday, April 21, 2017

Two sisters, each adopted from China, meet in person for the first time

10-years ago identical twin, Audrey, and Gracie were adopted by two different American families the Doering from Wisconsin and the Rainsberry from Washington state.  Both families were not informed that these infants had twins, probably because the kids had special needs after their birth, both children had a dire heart condition, adopting them as twins would be troublesome for a family that would take them, the welfare authorities kept this information for the sake of the twins.

Gracie underwent two heart surgeries short after arriving in the United States, while Audrey had one heart surgery.

Their secret was discovered unintentionally, Jennifer Doering, Audrey's mother, became curious about her daughter's past and wanted to give Audrey a special Christmas present that would connect with her past.

With the help of a Chinese researcher, she saw an old photo of Audrey together with her foster mom and a little girl who looks exactly like Audrey.

Upon further research, Doering  found out that the other child was her daughter's twin, who had also been adopted by American and brought to the United States. Jennifer contacted the Rainsberry, and they were overwhelmed by the information introduced by the Doering's.

The separated twins were reunited in Good Morning America, and it was overwhelmingly emotional, Gracie said she was feeling excited and happy "It's very overwhelming," she said.

Audrey said, "It felt like there was somebody missing. Now, it's complete," she said.

Footage via Good Morning America

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