Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have you seen this fearless man who dove into 1,000 mousetraps, filming it in Slow-Motion.

Spring loaded mousetrap is been around for more that a century, its effectiveness has been proven countless of times, now The Slow Mo Guys Gavin and Daniel is using this old school device for another purpose, Gav will jump to a 1,000 mousetraps laid on a trampoline a potential bodily harm all in the name of science, curiosity and of course awesome slowmo video footage of the stunt.

The task of setting up this stunt is much harder than it sounds, it took them four hours since they accidentally tripped one mousetrap triggering the other mousetraps thus starting it back to zero setup.

After the careful setup, Daniel is now ready to dove right into the middle of the mousetrap-covered trampoline, to his excitement he forgot to wear his protective eye goggles subjecting himself to more uncertainties.

Source: The Slomo Guys

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