Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to grow a new fingertip? No more scar, its now regrow new fingertip!

IMAGE Science Channel YouTube
It would be amazing when the time comes when the human can regenerate or regrow any damaged body parts of human, the fascination and inspiration came from a particular animal namely salamander.

This animal reacts to trauma differently, than our bodies do, our bodies respond by scabbing and scarring, if our bodies don't do this we would probably die due to infection and bleed to death.  The salamander doesn't scar their body instead evolved to grow new tissue.

Dr. Stephen Badylak, a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, wants to reprogram the way our bodies react to trauma, according to Dr. Badylak pig parts play an essential role in this medical research, he said "there are certain things from a pig that you could put into a hurt human and not worry about it, we've been transplanting pig heart valves into people for a long time." In his laboratory they use pig's bladder an organ that can regenerate, it contains something that can regrow parts of your body, they scrape away extra layers of tissue of the bladder until they are left with this skin-like tissue, cells build on this, and they live within it.

The extracellular matrix is like a scaffold that cells set up house in, all animals have it including humans, the extracellular matrix is the glue that holds cells together in every tissue in the organ of your body, and it gives instructions to the cells, in turn, it provide instruction to the matrix, so instead of the body thinking all right injury let's form a scar, if the body says alright injury let's rebuild and the matrix helps to jump start in the let's rebuild pathway.

Clip Source: Science Channel

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