Saturday, May 20, 2017

Do you still Remember 90's Gwapings? Here are now their sons.

IMAGE Avid Fan YouTube Channel 
The Gwapings were the hottest matinee idols of the early and late 90's in the Philippines, the group consists of Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana and Eric Fructuoso and later Jao Mapa joined the group.

Now in their 40's their sons are following their footsteps as individual showbiz talents.

Grae Fernandez is making his own way in various shows on ABS-CBN such as Bagito, Luv U and Pangako sa 'yo. Grae also has a talent in singing, he is part of Star Magic's boy band Gimme-5.

Andre Yllana the son of Jomari with Aiko Melendez is part of Star Magic young talent pool, he is currently focusing on his study and will definitely be back in showbiz.

Frederick Fructuoso the eldest son tried his luck in the 2015 edition of Starstruck and made it on the top 35.

Good luck the sons of the Gwapings!

Source: Avid Fan

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