Monday, May 22, 2017

Giant boat floating in mid-air, please explain...

IMAGE Science Channel YouTube
A man captured on video this air floating boat while he is on the beach, is this another hoax, trick or there's an explanation behind this very unusual sight.

As it turns out, the video is 100% true, but the boat is not floating, this is caused by optical illusion called "Fata Morgana" it is seen when there's an inversion layer in the atmosphere, normally air gets cooler from the ground going upward.

But when there's an inversion layer the air in the ground is much cooler and warm air above it.

Now cooler air is more dense and we now get layers of the atmosphere at different density, as the light hits the boat it get reflected and travel through these layers, light travels faster in less dense atmosphere and slower in cooler or denser atmosphere, causing the light to bend contrary to the normal straight line.

In a bent light it appears that the ship is in the air and not sitting on the surface of the ocean.

Clip Source: Science Channel

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