Saturday, June 24, 2017

Remember Ex-PBB Housemate Niña Jose, She's now married to a Business Executive and Mayor of Bayambang Pangasinan

IMAGE: Pep.ph and Flickr Cezar Quiambao
Niña Jose's career began as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition back in 2006 which won by now famous actress Kim Chiu, however, her acting and modeling career also took off, she appeared in various ABS-CBN and TV5 highly rated television series and shows like My Girl, Banana Split, and Valiente and she appeared in various movies like Shake, Rattle & Roll X, Deperadas 2 and Mano Po 6.

PBB Housemate Niña Jose
As for Niña's modeling career and endorsement, she modeled for the popular men's magazine FHM Philippines, Maxim and she landed as the face of Tanduay Rum.

Niña Jose former face of Tanduay Rum
Niña Jose in Deal or No Deal
The most interesting news about Niña Jose is her latest trending YouTube video report uploaded WhatsUp Pinoy, according to the video she is now married to Mayor, Business Executive, and Billionaire Mr. Cezar Quiambao of Bayambang, Pangasinan.  Mayor Quiambao is the owner and CEO of Stradcom Corporation, which builds and operates information technology infrastructure projects for the government also mentioned in the report.

Mayor and Business Executive Cezar Quiambao and wife Niña Jose
Niña Jose actively spends her time attending various town's public service events as she fulfills her role as the town's first lady.  She still occasionally appears on television from time to time.

Niña Jose together with husband Mayor Cesar Quiambao in a public service event
Source: WhatsUp Pinoy

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