Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6 Beautiful Pinay Celebrity Mom and Daughter, who Looks Like Sisters

Sunshine Cruz and Daughter Angelina, Donna Cruz and Daughter Belle
IMAGE: John Lloyd Delacruz YouTube Channel
Not only lucky to have a famous and beautiful celebrity mother and to have their exceptional genes inside you, but it is also like winning a lottery plus the extraordinary attention given to them by the public.

These drop-dead gorgeous celebrity mothers and daughters are likely to be mistaken as sisters; we don't think these daughters are complaining in the realization that they are becoming like their mothers.

And here they are six celebrity mom and their daughter who looks like sisters:

Donna Cruz and daughter Belle
Bella and her mother singer/actress Donna Cruz

Phoemela Baranda and daughter Kim
Model/host Phoemela Baranda and daughter Kim

Valerie Concepcion and daughter Fiona
Fiona and her mother actress Valerie Concepcion

Ruffa Gutierrez and daughter Lorin
Actress/host Ruffa Guitierrez and gorgeous daughter Lorin

Sunshine Cruz and daughter Angelina
Actress/singer Sunshine Cruz with her lovely daughter Angelina

Jessa Zaragoza and daughter Jayda
Beautiful Jayda with her mother singer/actress Jesse Zaragoza

Source: John Lloyd Delacruz Channel

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