Monday, June 26, 2017

He provoked this smaller man who tries to walk away from a possible fight

This taller man is provoking the other who wants to walk away from their argument
Two adult men were intensely arguing in a kids playground that seems it will go bad any minute.

As they continue to argue in the French language the smaller man tries to walk away from the already heated scene, but the taller man is still pursuing and provoking the small man.

He tries to avoid escalating arguments
What happen next was surprising, the smaller man loses his temper and gave the taller man a left hook to his chin that brought him down to the ground unconscious.

Left hook coming from the smaller man after he had enough
Taller man's knees soften after the chin punch
It seems to indicate that the two men have issues with each other about an unknown matter, and their friends film this sorry incident.

Down on the pavement unconscious
The lesson? Don't provoke anyone to fight you, because you think you can easily beat your opponent, don't underestimate anyone.

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