Thursday, June 1, 2017

WATCH: Superfast yo-yo that can spin as Fast as a Formula 1 Engine.

IMAGE: Science Channel YouTube
Today's yo-yo tricks are more advanced and artistic thanks to the innovations made for this ancient weapon/toy.

The key in performing the ultimate yo-yo tricks is to have a well balanced design which allows a yo-yo to be thrown and return back smoothly and the yo-yo must keep spinning at the end of the string without slowing down.

Advanced design yo-yo uses bearing, steel balls roll between the inner and outer rings, they work together to cut friction between the layers as the string grips the outer cylinder the inner ring can keep spinning at full speed as fast as the engine of a Formula One car.

These types of yo-yo spinning at the bottom of the string for over ten minutes to generate even more spin, manufacturer add extra weight to each half the heavier the yo-yo the longer it takes to slow down.

Source: Science Channel

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