Saturday, June 3, 2017

WATCH: They've been trying to put down Maureen Wroblewitz but Pinay model Prevails in Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5.

Maureen Wroblewitz and Clara Tan
IMAGE: Starmometer YouTube Channel
After more than a month of competition, only six are left and they are now feeling the heat of the competition, but some contestants are starting to use bullying to put down one particular contestant namely Maureen Wroblewitz from the Philippines.

This side story where captured on camera when Indonesia's Clara Tan wanted to voice out her questionable harsh assessment of Maureen Wroblewitz saying "I want to compete with strong models, you only have a pretty face but no skills," which other contestants seem to agree.

Maureen Wroblewitz tried to ignore the harsh in your face comment, but during the week's challenge when they were asked to express power for a shoot, her confidence is nowhere to be found in her photos. She admitted "I just blanked out. I had ideas and I just had to do it but I just . . . overthink,"

But thanks to the encouraging words, constructive comments and professional expertise of guest photographer Yu Tsai, Wroblewitz got her perfect revenge on Tan by taking week's performance and best photo and she moved on in the top five of the competition.

Clip Source: Starmometer

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