Friday, June 9, 2017

Yeng Constantino shares her online shopping fail (Expectation Vs. Reality)

IMAGE: Yeng Constantino YouTube Channel
Online shopping is booming all over the internet both locally and internationally, its really a good idea because of its convenience, as easy as it sound, sometimes it might be a waste of money, emotional stress and frustration because of high expectation generated by beautiful product photos, attractive selling price and free shipping.

Online shoppers negative experience moments are when the purchased product arrived at their doorstep and it is nothing like what they'd ordered.

Singer and composer Yeng Constantino
This is what happen to singer and composer Yeng Constantino when she tried to shop online using an online shopping app, she's looking for a carpet for her dressing room, and found this amazing looking carpet, she ordered, pay and wait for the delivery her new carpet, then it arrived and the product is nothing like what she ordered.

Beautiful product photos, and attractive selling price
Actual carpet 
What she learned: The product and price is too good to be true based on the photo, buys the product without shopper's reviews, she encourages other shopper to write a review for other shoppers reference and finally to seller/reseller post their product truthfully.

And always read the fine print, happy shopping.  

Source: Yeng Constantino

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