Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria priceless experience as she walks around Makati City without any security.

Jodi Sta Maria Makati City Walk

Philippine actress Jodi Sta. Maria had remarkable city adventure together with talent manager Biboy "Bibs" Arboleda, their simple and down to earth activity is never been done by any well-known Philippine celebrity actress in recent time, so what is this adventure? Jodi and Bibs walk around Makati city business district particularly Makati Avenue, Glorietta and nearby establishment without any bodyguard, just the two of them bravely exploring the city's beautiful underpasses and tunnels.

Shot in a video blog style, the two converse about the business district's former well-known establishments and their nostalgic moments there, Jodi shared her memories about LandMark department store where in her youth they used to shop their groceries there together with her mother after her Saturday office work and her first Jollibee experience, there's also some deep conversation about significant things in life.

People also had a chance to have a selfie picture with the very accommodating actress, a once in a lifetime moment.  A  unique and refreshing approach to reintroduce the actress as a person.

Source: Danilo

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