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The Magician Efren Reyes 2017! 20 Amazing Shots Till Now

The Magician Efren Reyes
The Magician Efren Reyes 2017 Amazing shots
Many billiards analysts, fans and current and former players consider this man Efren Reyes to be the greatest pool player of all time.

The Philippine government gave him various awards and recognition like the Order of Lakandula and Philippine Legion of Honor, for his career as a best professional pool player in the World.  A winner of over 70 international titles and the first man in history to win World Championships in two different disciplines.

Born on August 26, 1954, in Pampanga. Moved to Manila when he was 10 with his family and worked as a billiards attendant at his uncle's billiards hall business, there he learned various billiards disciplines.

As Albert Einstein dreams and extending his imagination to come up with his various physics theories, Efren also dreamt of billiards frequently, while he was at sleep on the billiard table, as a very young player, he will stand on top of a soft drink case to reach the pool table.

Billiard gambling was his bread and butter during the 60's and 70's and was discovered by promoters that gave him opportunities to compete in big time tournaments.  During the 80's he was considered a top-class player in the country but not internationally recognized.

His international recognition in the 90's winning a number of US, Europe, and Asia billiard tournaments, by mid-90's Reyes' fame began when he won the US Open Nine Ball Championship in 1994 by defeating Nick Varner in the finals. He was the first non-American to win the event.

Watch this Amazing video clip compilation of his best tournament shots this year 2017.

Source: Best Billiard Japan

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