Monday, August 21, 2017

7 Reasons Why The Chinese Are Such Bad Tourists

IMAGE: xReasons YouTube Channel
Chinese tourist, the biggest phenomenon to hit the global travel industry.  Last year 122 million Chinese tourist travel overseas and they were the world's largest number of outbound tourist for consecutive years 2015 records is 117 million.

Also, Chinese travelers are the world's biggest spenders; global travel operators are adapting their offering to attract more Chinese tourist.

But this growth also comes with a price,  Chinese people going abroad to visit other countries end up giving their host country and hotels lots of problems because they behave in the same way as when they are at home.

Chinese tourists can be notorious for ignoring greetings, acting in selfish, unfriendly, boorish ways, and even spoil national monuments without a second thought.

Clip Source: xReasons

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