Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Couple Bought And Remodel An Old House; They Found A Safe Under The Kitchen Island, So They Decided To Open It!

A couple had purchased a fixer-upper house, and they started working on each room, once an area was finished they'd move on to the next until they reached the kitchen.

The house had six previous owners, and while working in the kitchen, they found a safe in the floor after they tore out the kitchen island.

The safe looked old and was well built into the floor, before this the couple found a safe code in a medicine cabinet and weren't sure what the code is for and held on to it in case needed.

After several attempts to open the safe, they finally unlocked the safe and they were in shock to see piles of money, an old bottle of liquor, a blue book and an old bingo card.

The book contains pictures, and upon examination, it appears that it's giving them clues to a certain location and with another safe combination.

Source: Did You Know?

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