Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nasty things inside a pimple

The nasty white pus inside a pimple is a cocktail of bacteria, dead skin cells, white blood cells and sebum an oily waxy material that protects, lubricates and waterproofs our hair.

IMAGE: Tech Insider YouTube Channel

Pimple white pus contains bacteria, dead skin cells, white blood cells and sebum
What is the cause of a pimple? Our skin has a tiny sac called sebaceous glands which secrete the oily material, now, there are bacteria in our skin called Propionibacterium, and they feed on these oily material.

Skin's tiny sac called "sebaceous" glands 
Now sebaceous glands secrete sebum the oily material in our skin
The problem begins when our skin pores are blocked with dead skin cells, and oily material "sebum" are glued together that causes a blockage in the skin pores.

Clog skin pores caused by excess sebum
Now, sebaceous glands produce more sebum which builds up behind the blockage; this is now the start of bacteria multiplication, this triggers the dispatch white blood cell to the area to the large cluster of bacteria; as a result, the area becomes inflamed.

Sebum buildup causes bacteria multiplication and white blood cells are dispatched to the area which becomes inflamed
Popping the pimple opens a gateway for additional bacteria on your fingers which could prolong or even worsen the already infected pore.

Popping the inflamed pimple opens a door for more bacteria going into the infected skin pore
Source: Tech Insider

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