Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Python eats a full-grown Hyena in Africa

They call it a dog-eat-dog world, but in Africa, it's a snake-eat-hyena world. A tourist recently came across a grisly scene at Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve.

Check out this video that National Geographic says was taken by Jos Bakker from the Netherlands. What you're looking at is a 13-foot-long African rock python making a meal out a 150-pound hyena.

Python devouring a full grown Hyena
Experts say the snake likely surprised the hyena and that the ensuing battle might have lasted hours. Now, in a matchup against these two predators, experts would bet their money on the hyena winning, not the python.

Hyenas have powerful jaws that could crush the snake's head in an instant. But it's pretty clear who had the last laugh here.

A couple of scientists who were skeptical about the story found the snake the next day. One described the creature as looking like "a gigantic rock submerged in a swamp."

Clip Source: National Geographic

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