Friday, August 11, 2017

Robin Padilla shares, my wife Mariel Padilla is now SUFFERING from DEPRESSION.

IMAGE Showbiz Philippines YouTube Channel
Philippine movie actor Robin Padilla shares on his Instagram account the current emotional state of his wife actress and tv host Mariel Padilla according to his post "She's in a very deep depression, but she has no time to dwell on it... all her time is devoted to Maria Isabella when she's not pumping for breast milk she's preparing soft food for her, she sleeps only when Isabella is asleep and when Isabella is awake they read books and play together for hours.... when she's relaxing she prepares my food and my bed... she has no time for herself... she totally forgot who she is...... or My Mariel is reborn... not our fashion guru but a struggling mother who will give everything for her child .... happy, happy 1st birthday my MAMAriel!!!"

Many netizens expressed their sympathy and concern through social media by commenting encouraging words and prayers.  We wish you well, comfort and peace to you and to your family.

Clip Source: Showbiz Philippines

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