Saturday, August 26, 2017

Once a lovely wife, now in a coma because of her womanizing husband and left her in this condition

Tian-tian before and after mental breakdown
It's hard to be a woman in China they are just forced to marry annoying men and still have to live together with their in-laws.

Tian-tian and her husband
Tian-tian met her husband in 2009 soon after they got engaged and started to live together after a year they had a son.

Titan-tian when she was still healthy
Tian-tian husband started womanizing afterward for a reason she is not attractive anymore, Tian-tian console to her mother-in-law and she was told that it is normal for a man to womanize.

The situation pushed Tian-tian to the limit and had a mental breakdown and that she attempted suicide, but the doctors saved her but she in a comatose condition.

Tian-tian suffered a mental breakdown after attempting suicide
Tian-tian was starved by her mother-in-law
Tian-tian mother-in-law starved her for one month, and she argues that they don't have money to feed her son's wife, Tian-tian was hospitalized, but it was too late, and she died soon after.

Source: TomoNews Philippines

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