Thursday, September 7, 2017

Comedians Super Tekla and Donita Nose goes to Canada, Filipinos laughing their hearts out

Filipinos in the main cities of Canada had their dose of much needed laughing medicine from the two Wowowin host Super Tekla and Donita Nose to fight homesickness and loneliness caused by family separation as an overseas Filipino worker.

EJD Productions and Great impact Production joined forces to make the show happen with the purpose of appreciating Filipino overseas workers who sacrificed their time away from their family to be migrant workers in Canada.

The event is not just to entertain Filipinos, but also to connect with each other and to be aware of various Filipino support groups that might help them in their time while in Canada.

They even have a raffle draw where the first prize winner will receive a round trip to the Philippines.  Watch part of Super Tekla and Donita Nose comedic performances.

Source: Danilo

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