Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ellie, daughter of Andi Eigenmann showing her gymnastic skill

IMAGE: Mr. Tsismoso YouTube Channel
Filipina actress and model Andrea Nicole "Andi" Eigenmann, daughter of Jacklyn Jose and Mark Gil both are award winner actors, Andi's acting talent is undeniable, and she is one of the best young actresses in television and movie in the country.

She took time out from her work to give birth to her daughter Andrianna Gabrielle "Ellie" Eigenmann via cesarean section.

Now, 5-year-old, Ellie is learning gymnastic, and she's a natural, she's practicing walking on a balance beam gracefully, doing the arch position, flexibility and tumbling training.

How beautiful to watch this cute little kid, making her mom very proud.

Clip Source: Mr. Tsismoso

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