Sunday, September 10, 2017

John Llyod Cruz fans concerned over JLC drunk video on social media

This week John Llyod Cruz and Ellen Adarna spends their week together in Bantayan island in Cebu together with them Ellen's friend Kim Araneta.

The two were rumored to be a couple but denied that they're only good friends, their closeness started with Adarna was cast in John Lloyd Cruz's weekend family sitcom "Home Sweetie Home." aired on ABS-CBN free tv channel.

In one of the vacation videos of the two compiled by Trendz Today, John Lloyd calling Ellen "baby." in some maybe a conversational argument.

John Lloyd Cruz fans were somehow concerned in some of the video because Cruz is behaving like a drunk man that would affect his wholesome image as television's family man role.

Here are some of the screenshot comments on the compiled video. A note to everyone once your video is posted on social media it can spread like a wild fire.

Source: Trendz Today

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