Friday, September 29, 2017

Veteran Safari guide attacked by wild Leopard

Caught On Camera:  Leopard Attacks Safari Guide
Caught On Camera:  Leopard Attacks Safari Guide
Kruger National Park, 1pm Thursday, 2nd of July, safari guide Curtis Plumb, 38, together with group of tourist was in the open-top jeep when they spotted a leopard in the bush, the group loose sight of the animal, suddenly the predator launched itself at their vehicle and clawed its jaw around Curtis right arm and refuses to release its grip, to free himself from the leopard jaws, Curtis and his driver take an evasive action,  the safari vehicle ran over the leopard with their wheels.

Leopard spotted in the bush
The predator launched itself at their vehicle
The driver take an evasive action
The incident was caught on camera by tourists, who watched the horrifying incident unfold before their eyes.  Mr Plumb, who has been working as a guide for four years after moving to South Africa from the United Kingdom, was taken to hospital for immediate surgery. He is said to be in a stable condition.  Shortly after the incident the injured animal was euthanized.

In a statement William Mambasa, general manager of Kruger National Park, thanked the tourist from the other vehicle for saving the guide and tourists’ lives.

A month before this incident, a lion mauled 22-year-old American tourist Katherine Chappell to death in a predator park in South Africa.

Source: YouTube by Barcroft TV

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