Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wife prank her husband with this baby powdered doughnuts

Baby powder covered donut prank
Baby powder covered donut prank
Nikki and John of pranksters in love YouTube channel, who made their debut video on YouTube in 2009 but started pranking each other since they were in high school and go on their separate ways after they'd graduated, but they kept being friends because they grew in the same town and hang out during vacation.

The two started dating and soon got married, they enjoy messing around at each other and they love to do things that shock people or make them laugh.

They uploaded their videos of them mean to each other through pranks for the amusement of YouTube viewers.

Now in this video Nikki decided to prank John with a donut covered with baby powder, the idea is really great and John fell on to it big time!

Source: YouTube by Pranksters in Love

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