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10 Most Unexpected Animal-Human Relationships

A dog friendly female 
Ngurah Alit, an 18-year-old Balinese man, named Ngurah Alitt was in a rice paddy one day having sexual relations with the cow he claimed he did it because the cow was flirting with him in order for his village to be cleansed they forced him to marry the cow during the wedding ceremony he passed out.

Ngurah Alit, an 18-year-old Balinese man who married a cow
Uwe Mitzscherlich was a lonely postal worker who loved his cat when his vet told him that the cat was obese and might not live much longer he decided to marry the cat the man said that his cat who was named Cecilia was a trusting creature and he said that they cuddled all the time and that she always slept in his bed since marrying an animal is illegal he hired a television actress named Kristen Moreno Laurie to officiate the ceremony they dressed for the occasion, and the 15-year-old cat meowed loudly while they exchanged vows.

Uwe Mitzscherlich who marries his cat
Joseph Guiso in 2010 an Australian man named Joseph Guiso married his yellow Labrador named Honey they were married during an outdoor ceremony at Toowoomba Laurel Bank Park the most surprising part about this wedding is that over 30 people showed up to witness the nuptials when reading his vows he told Honey that she was his best friend and that she made every day of his life better he told his guests that because he was a religious man he could no longer live with the dog out of wedlock he also assured them that the relationship is not sexual.

Joseph Guiso married his yellow Labrador named Honey
Sharon Tendler, Sharon Tendler an eccentric millionaire met a dolphin named Cindy at a resort in Israel she claimed that it was love at first sight she stated that it was not anything perverted it was just that the dolphin was the love of her life and when asked if she had a boyfriend she would simply tell people that she would one day end up with Cindy the love of her life when she finally married the dolphin she did so before dozens of guests there were also two best man dolphins who were trained to act as Cindy's friends she stated that she realized that the marriage wasn't legal she said that it just reflected the deep feelings that she had for the bottlenose dolphin she has said that she will keep the option open of marrying a human someday, but for now she would just be a one dolphin woman.

Sharon Tendler marries a dolphin named Cindy
Mark Matthews this is one of the most shocking human animal relations Mark Matthews of Carl Junction Missouri was a normal boy liked girls until he turned 16 it was then that he started feeling an attraction to horses and ponies he married the love of his life in 1992 for British television viewers to watch he said that his bride was gorgeous sweet and loving the only strange part about this story is that his bride Pixel is a pony because Missouri is one of 26 states that do not consider humans having sex with animals illegal there was nothing that the authorities could do when he'd let his bride into the trailer and made love to her the couple was visited by Jerry Springer to have them on the show but the show was deemed inappropriate, and it was banned from television.

Mark Matthews married to a horse
Source: YouTube by Facts Verse

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