Tuesday, January 23, 2018

6 Things you didn’t know about everyday objects

The Hole in the Chupa Chups Stick
Everything around us has a certain shape a certain color certain details for some particular reason obviously because everything has a reason that's why we are prepared for you a selection of objects you probably didn't know what it for get ready to drop your jaw and let's get it on.

Bubble on the Hat, In winter you and many other people probably wear bubble hats but we bet you didn't know what is the bubble for well apart from being fancy the first bubble appeared in the 18th century French Marines wore them back then ship cabin had low ceilings so bubbles was very important they prevented sailors from hurting their heads then other countries began using this element in army uniforms by looking at its shape and its color you could know which branch of the military a soldier belong to nowadays it is pure decoration although it might come in handy in a small room or if you're really freaking tall.
The Hole in the Chupa Chups stick, Many people are in the wrong thinking that the hole in the stick prevent suffocation in case you swallow this stick is not true, for this purpose the whole stick is hollow other people believe that its use a whistle after you finished your candy that they're wrong to believe us then try it out, so actually this whole is designed especially for the candy not to fall, during production when the stick is sunk to  still liquid candy the substance fill this hole first once it's cooled down this parts fixes the whole candy although thanks this invention Chupa Chups are harder to swallow compared to other candies one of the reasons why it's so popular.  

Creases on Trousers, One of the integral parts of the business suit but how did people come up with them and why almost nobody knows it happened at the end of the 19th century clothes made at European factories were sent to other countries in order to fit as many clothes as possible into the ship's hold it was folded and taped not a long travel through oceans and seas the trousers had severe creases it was almost impossible to get rid of them, so people had no other choice but to accept this fact so the trouser creases became fashionable.

Lines On Toothpaste Tubes, There's a legend that the black liner for chemicals and the green one is for organic components in the toothpaste don't believe it this is bullshit actually these are barcodes they have nothing to do with the composition of the product or its potential health effects the color codes are supposed to be read by light beam sensors in order to be typically identified, so the high-speed machinery knows where the packaging needs to be folded or cut the mark has the contrast with the color of the tube so for a white tube the marks going to be black for a green tube white or beige.

The Little Pocket In Ladies Panties, Not many women know about the purpose of this weirdly placed pocket not to mention men the thing is according to health standards the inner layer has to be made from a special soft tissue by the way it applies both to women's and men's underwear but the ladies panties are made in such a way that it's impossible to attach this extra bit of fabric with two inner seams, in that case, one of them will make you uncomfortable so on one side they leave it under fun; as a result, there's a little pouch in there oddly enough many people do think that it's a special secret pocket for something really valuable.

Source: YouTube by #Mind Warehouse

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