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Mga atletang tinawag ng kalikasan sa gitna ng matindi kompetisyon

Mikael Ekvall half-marathon incident
Everybody poops that much is true, but does everybody poop their pants sure when we were really little we all did that quite a bit, but as we got older the vast majority of us stopped, unfortunately, some people like these athletes just couldn't keep it in and ended up having some rather embarrassing incidents which we all saw from runners to wrestlers be prepared to be grossed out.

Kelly Slater, When you gotta go you gotta go at least according to American surfer Kelly Slater the established surfer is pretty open about his exploits on and in the water in addition to various titles and records Slater has also admitted to dropping a few friends off at the seaside when nature called, however, always the thoughtful sportsman, he also added that he made sure he was down current of his fellow competitors when taking care of business Slater says that anything else would be just rude.

Tony Stewart in 2004 rumors have it that racer Tony Stewart was driving in a Chevy when his pants were getting heavy you see the Joe Gibbs Racing driver never admitted that he suffered a personal backfire while driving the Watkins Glen but all the evidence adds up firstly radio the pit have a backup driver ready to replace him few minutes later he updated his crew calling off the relief driver as soon as he finished the race he ran right past Victory Lane straight into his trailer before returning a few minutes later Stewart said he needed a pretty himself up, but we think he used the escape to clean up a rather crappy situation.

Tim Sylvia, In the Octagon, there is literally nowhere to hide Tim Sylvia found this out during a match against Ossorio Silva in 2006 during bout everyone saw a somewhat suspicious stain when his shorts were pulled down not dancing on the issue, Sylvia came right out and admitted he had a bug and just couldn't keep everything on him during the fight well he went on to win the fight, there's no doubting his opponent that the whole situation just plain stunk.

Uta Pippig, Marathon runners, have a long history of keeping themselves in very dramatic in public ways wearing those little shorts, there's just no way to hide anything when nature calls Uta Pippig found this out when she said a remarkable accomplishment of winning the Boston Marathon for the third time in 1996, unfortunately, the race will be remembered for the images of Pippig crossing the line covered in blood diarrhea thanks to the combination of a rather heavy period a nasty stomach condition.

Robbie Tobeck, When you're suffering such bad diarrhea that the coach is a spare pair of pants and a bucket on the sidelines for emergencies maybe you should sit this one out Seattle's Robbie Tobeck opted not to interrupt of the field with the Seahawks in a game against the Washington Redskins early in the game thanks to the hitting Robbie did what everyone expected and drop the deuce in his pants we imagine the smell would have alerted everyone to the accident more than that any fans yelling from the stands at Seattle Stank that day were more accurate than they probably knew.

Julie Moss, In February 1982 Tri-athlete Julie moss looks set to land a surprising win just yards from the finish line cameras and spectators watch as mosses legs and vowels gave out as she struggled together balance back it was clear for all to see that she had pooped herself, unfortunately, the episode cost her time as another competitor passed her for the win nonetheless having suffered a rather public pants pooping, Moss and her brown-stained shorts cross the line to claim number two.

Source: YouTube by TheRichest

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