Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mga Petmalung Facebook Cover Photos

This man used a famous work of art to create a really cool cover photo
Charlie Brown, the man who created this cover photo, is very creative took a classic picture of Charlie Brown and Linus, and he incorporated himself into it as his profile picture he used just his head and he photoshopped cartoon hands on himself so that it looks like he's sitting at the other end of the wall just like the two cartoon characters very clever.

The giraffe, this is a creative cover photo the man used a giraffe for his cover photo and for his profile pic he turned his head in just the right way to make it look like it's part of the giraffe this is one of the most clever Facebook cover photos out there.

A man and his dog, this man loves his dog and he wants Facebook to know it also he has a really cute dog he found a picture of his dog where the dog is looking up he took a photo of himself so that it looks like he's looking down on his dog the final product is a really cute and funny profile.

He loves cats this man must really love cats he took a stock photo of a bunch of cats from the internet and made it his cover photo when he took his profile picture he wore a shirt with a huge cat on it and that helped him to blend in with the cats to make it look like it was all one photo.

The murder scene, this man is both creative and well a bit crazy he wanted his facebook photo to make it look like he was murdered well his cover photo is of him lying face down, and he hit his head and poured fake blood on the floor for his profile pic he used just a photo of his head lying on the floor to make it look like he was decapitated.

Death by grumpy cat, grumpy cat is an internet sensation and this man decided to take advantage of that to create an awesome Facebook cover photo he used a picture of grumpy cat shooting death rays from the sky I took his profile pic and made it look like he was blocking the death ray from grumpy cat while grumpy cat is not the friendliest character in the world of this cover photo is pretty amazing.

Dirty Bird, you got to admit this one is gross but at the same time pretty clever the man found a stock photo online of a bird in mid-poop next he took a photo of himself so it would look like he was desperately trying to avoid the birds poop well you put those two together and it comes up with something pretty funny.

Source: YouTube by Facts Verse

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