Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The worst case of head lice caught on camera

Lice caught by this fine-toothed comb
Hair problems the worst case of head lice caught on camera, it's a parent's worst nightmare, head lice this video has grossed up more than four million people since it was uploaded to YouTube, it shows one of the worst cases of head lice in modern history in a disturbing high definition.

The young girl in the video is being groomed by an adult
Head lice are tiny little bugs that love-love-love your head, anyone can get head lice, and it's an allergic reaction that causes one scalp to itch, keep in mind that itchiness sometimes doesn't develop for up to three months.

Lice single louse embryo
Head lice live for around 30 days feeding on the blood of their hosts.  Females lay about six eggs a day they cement the egg called a nit to the hair shaft usually within an inch of the scalp; each nit contains a single louse embryo, and each female louse can weigh upwards of 150 nits in her lifetime head lice have been a problem for humans since forever.

Females lice can lay about six eggs a day 
But this particular case of head lice seems to be ahead of the others on the gross ohmmeter scale, look at those creepy crawling contagious blood-sucking parasites.

Source: YouTube by TomoNews US

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