Thursday, February 1, 2018

Things You Did Not Know The Use For

Shoe flinging tradition
Hole in the Cover of a Ballpoint Pen, Most people look at the hole in a ballpoint cover and think it's there to keep the ink from drying out others think that it helps to release the cover from the pen easier the real reason for the whole is a safety feature people love to chew on pen caps if they chew on a cap without a hole on the top and get stuck in their throat they can suffocate the whole allows the person to get enough air until they can seek medical attention if the hole was closed up suffocation is a real possibility.
The Hole at the End of a Tape Measure, If you've ever used a measuring tape you've likely seen the hole in the metal piece at the end what you may not know is that it actually does have a purpose you won't always have someone around to hold the tape measure when you're trying to measure a large object the whole is the perfect spot to put a nail that can hold onto the tape measure while you're getting a measurement it's much easier than hoping the measuring tape won't slip the serrated edge at the end also has a purpose it's a great way to mark the spot that you measured when you only one hand many people think that these were just part of the design they do however actually have a purpose probably.

The Arrow Next to the Gas Gauge, If you've ever looked at the gas gauge in a vehicle and saw a white arrow pointing in either direction, chances are you didn't know that it had a purpose if you're driving a vehicle that you've never driven before and you need to pump gas the arrow will tell you what side of the car the gas tank is on this way you'll know which side of the pump to pull up to save you the trouble of getting out of the car to check which side the gas tank is on.

Source: YouTube by Facts Verse

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